French excellence for your Perfumes and Cosmetics

FranceAlcools® products are the absolute international benchmark Brand in Perfumery and Cosmetics applications

Premium agricultural alcohols "made in France"

The high organoleptic quality as well as the exceptional purity of the alcohols in our Surfins range complies with the strictest professional standards in the Perfume and Cosmetics sector in its search for excellence.

Comprehensive and unique expertise 

We have developed products and solutions that are suited for all Perfume and Cosmetics manufacturing purposes: Surfin 96° HQO and Surfin 96° (for perfumes, essential oils, flavours, fragrances and extracts), Surfin 99.9° (for extracts) and CosmEthyl® (for cosmetic uses).

Exceptional technical properties and quality

Produced from sustainable agricultural raw materials, all our products are of exclusively French origin. They are guaranteed GMO-free and have been awarded all the required certificates of the most advanced quality standards (allergens, BSE/TSE, no tests on animals, CMR, nanomaterials, etc.).

Reliable service that matches your expectations

Cristalco offers you a customised service for any type of delivery requirements, whether bulk (30,000 litres) or specific packaging (10 to 1,000 litres). Our alcohol can be sent by truck or vessel in order to guarantee the fastest delivery to meet your deadlines. 

We can also offer you a support for your customs procedures, and our distribution and sales office network stands ready to serve you worldwide.

Let’s meet!We invite you to come and see us at in-cosmetics global and Beauty World Middle East.

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