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Retail & Food Service

Sugar for retail, out-of-home catering and professional cooks

When it comes to sugar, the choice is yours: white or brown, in rounded form or in a pouch with a spout, icing sugar or nib sugar, regular or extra fine, in sticks or wrapped. Our sugar in all its many forms is a firm favourite with supermarket shoppers and office workers alike thanks to our popular Daddy and Erstein brands.

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Food & Beverage

Solutions for all your needs in food and drink

The food and beverage industry encompasses everything from biscuit-making and food flavouring to wines and spirits – covering a vast array of needs that deserve made-to-measure solutions. Our offer includes rectified alcohols manufactured to the highest standards of taste, as well as a wealth of sugars for decorating, mixing and beautifying your products!

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Nutrition & Pharma

Nutritional and pharmaceutical excellence for a better quality of life

From pills to parenteral solutions, we tailor our products to suit your needs while fully respecting good manufacturing practices and the industry’s regulatory requirements and pharmacopoeia (EP, USP, JP). Our alcohols can be used as active agents, excipients or solvents, and our sugars fit the bill as bulking agents, thickeners or sweeteners.

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Perfumes & Cosmetics

Premium alcohol and sugar for beauty and body care

Through our diverse solutions in perfumes, cosmetics, hair and skin care, we cater for the world of beauty. Our France Alcools® brand is a range of pure, high-quality natural alcohols made exclusively from GMO-free crops of French origin – and perfectly adapted to all perfumes and sprays. And our sugars are soft, soothing and enriching for all types of skin.

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Bio-industry & Feed

Substrates for fermentation, animal nutrition and pest control

Sugar and its derivatives have multiple uses for products in animal nutrition and the bioindustry.  We provide thick juice as an energy substrate for fermentation by microorganisms, molasses for animal nutrition, and sugar for feeding and wintering bees or as a means to attract pests and insects.

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Detergence & Chemistry

Alcohol for detergents and the chemical industry

If you manufacture detergents or organic chemicals, we think you’ll be impressed by the physico-chemical purity of our agricultural alcohols. And by our outstanding production capacity. Our range of Extra Neutral Alcohols covers all your needs in home care detergents, washer fluids and biocides – and also make excellent organic reagents for the chemical industry.

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Sustainable solutions for any type of gasoline

Produced from sustainable agricultural raw material, our BioEthanol is specially designed for gasoline. You can easily formulate any type of gasoline, such as SP95 E5,SP95 E10, E85 or SP98.

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