Erstein, 125 years, and closer to you than ever!

On the eve of its 125th anniversary, the brand from Alsace dons a new look to reaffirm its values and local roots steeped in history.

The story of Alsace’s favourite sugar started back in 1893 in Erstein, in the heart of the region.

Based on its expertise in pastry, the local brand began to offer a wide range of quality sugars that continued to inspire food lovers, handed down like a heritage from one generation to the next.

Year after year, the brand successfully reinvented itself to stay close to its consumers and their expectations.

Today, on the eve of its 125th anniversary, Erstein reaffirms the values that it cherishes, with a deliciously modern new packaging that aims to put the brand right back where it belongs, in the heart and life of the people of Alsace.

History, local roots, pastry expertise, sharing, and promoting agriculture: the brand tells its story through its packs and reaffirms its undeniable leadership.

See the new face of Erstein on shelves starting in the first half of 2017.

Erstein close to you in body and in spirit.