Erstein, les passionnés

Les passionnés: creative experts!

Erstein is THE brand for dessert and pastry lovers! Use it in all your homemade fare, from the simplest to the most elaborate!

Express your creativity with taste

Mixed in or added for a decorative touch – our baking sugars are your best allies!

Chef’s tip! 

Our Extra-Fine baking sugar dissolves fast and evenly in a cake mixture. 

Smart twist! 

Twist the mill cap to sprinkle icing sugar without hassle!

Customers’ feedback

“Excellent for baking, it dissolves fast and never makes lumps or clots!!”
“Great product, with a sieve shaker so you can control how much icing sugar you use. I recommend it. Very good idea.” 

Jam and jelly expertErstein gelling sugar is a mixture of sugar, fruit pectin and citric acid of natural origin. Use it for tasty homemade jams, marmalades or jellies that preserve all the colours, flavours and fibres of the fruit.

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