Erstein, Les Distingués

Les distingués: entertaining in style

Surprising, good-looking products to make life sweet. Treat yourself and your guests to a range of colours and sugars made for moments of togetherness.

Tasty and good-looking on any tray

Shaped, in individual sachets, wrapped or candy style, Erstein sugars are there whenever you have a little sweet break.


Wrapped in colourful paper – two little lumps, so you can decide how sweet you want it.

Sleek individual sachets are served in a handy and original dispenser box – help yourself! 

Impress your guests!

With all these colours and shapes in your sugar bowl, entertaining becomes an art.

Customers’ feedback

“These little sugar lumps in fun, colourful wrappings are really handy.” 
“A nice format for coffee. Great packaging so you don’t need a sugar bowl anymore!”

The caramel touchErstein sugar candy crystals are made in a traditional way by letting very pure sugar syrup crystallise slowly.
As they melt, they give a caramel taste to your hot drinks.

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