Erstein, les découvreurs

Les découvreurs: deliciously exotic

Flavours from afar that will give you a taste for the surprising. These products will take you on a journey of tastes and textures.

Cane sugar, naturally!

100% pure brown cane, caster sugar or traditional lumps, in irregular shapes or cubes… Add some crunch and flavour to your yoghurts, pastries and hot drinks. 

Crunch and flavour

Nice-looking and handy, the 750g Brown Sugar Profile Pack combines transparency, precise measuring and optimal preservation. In its sturdy packaging, your 100% pure, unrefined brown cane sugar keeps all its flavour intact, and lets you see its crunchy, lovely golden grains.

Baking tipWith its crunchy grains and golden colour, Erstein 100% pure, unrefined brown cane sugar is ideal for making little sponge cakes, shortbread or crumbles, or simply to flavour a yoghurt or a fruit salad.

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