CRISTAL VISION, smart sugar beet

The SMART approach to sustainable, responsible agriculture

The sustainability of our sugar beets has always been a key concern for our sector. We therefore developed our own “CRISTAL VISION, smart sugar beet” approach that has already won worldwide recognition!

CRISTAL VISION, what is it?

The “CRISTAL VISION, smart sugar beet” approach is based on all the internal and external demands (clients, regulations, etc.) of sustainable, responsible agriculture. It is fully in line with our group’s CSR vision.

CRISTAL VISION, what is it for?

Our aim is to meet all of our clients’ demands in terms of sustainable, responsible agriculture with a unique programme that is tailored to our organisation. It links up the expectations of clients and stakeholders to act directly in the field for greater efficiency and relevance. That way we can support farmers on their road to sustainability.

CRISTAL VISION, how does it work?

Our group-wide approach includes:

  • a commitment signed each year by all our cooperative farmers,
  • personalised agricultural advice to all our farmers,
  • some hundred audits carried out each year on farms drawn at random by a third party,
  • an annual audit of the programme carried out by the same third party.

CRISTAL VISION, who recognises it?

SAI platform compared our programme to its benchmark. CRISTAL VISION attained SAI’s highest level of agricultural sustainability (FSA 2.0 Gold) and was shown to apply stricter control over a larger number of farmers and on more criteria. 

Several major food producers have already put their trust in us thanks to CRISTAL VISION which fulfils all their expectations, and recognise us as a sustainable supplier!

Cristalco's smart point!Based on this benchmarking and the results of our third-party audit, CRISTAL VISION enables  to deliver SAI platform Gold/Silver/Bronze performance to meet the explicit demands of our customers.