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A passion for sugar in all its shapes

Taste & Co, the Food & Beverage and Retail & Food Service expert, has selected cane and beet sugars, dry or liquid, for you to enhance the flavours and naturally colour all your products.

An array of textures and flavours

We offer you a wide range of delicious products (brown sugar, demerara, muscovado, beet, molasses…) to refine your muffins, cookies, chutneys, caramels, crumbles and other specialities in numerous business sectors (biscuit, bread, pastry, ice cream, chocolate, confectionary, sauces, beverages, and dairy products).

Delicious compositions for every need

The Taste & Co range is rich in flavours and colours.

  • For shades of natural colours from delicate to strong, our sugars can go from pale blond to deep brown, all in the same sugar family.
  • For flavour profiles with authentic tastes, our honey, fruity honey, caramel, fudge or liquorice flavoured sugars will tickle all tastebuds.

From origin to end product

  • Our sugar families – whether from Mauritius, Guadeloupe or Reunion, cane or sugarbeet – are entirely devoted to tasting pleasure.
  • If you like, we can advise you on the flavour profile and colour that would go best with your product.

Sugary tip... Dry, liquid, of different origins or textures… feel free to mix and match flavours and textures to suit your needs. The results will amaze you!

Taste&Co range

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