Sug'Art® - decoration sugars

The art of decorating your products!

Sugar is a matter of taste... and talent! Sug'Art® offers you a wide range of products to sweeten your pastries, viennoiseries and confectionary with style and inventiveness.

Reveal in the variety and surprise of all our shapes, colours and flavours!
Besides letting your creativity run wild, Sug'Art® brings you technical solutions for all the challenges in your business, like moisture transfer!

Compose your masterpiece!

SugArt offers you 5 sugar versions to satisfy every desire.

  • Pearls
    Our variety of pearl sugars of different sizes are coloured and flavoured (with cocoa for instance) and keep stable melting properties over time.
  • Icing
    Besides starch-based icing sugar, we also give you coated icing sugar for greater stability on moist products, in cooking and in freezing. This original sugar comes in various colours of natural origin for seasonal decorations.
  • Calibrated
    Sugars designed for those who want homogeneous crystals and regular whiteness for even decoration.
  • Fondants
    Particularly appreciated because they are ready-to-use, these sugars give an even icing without requiring any handling.
  • Caster sugars
    These give you the choice of better preservation and greater flexibility in how you make your recipes.

For the artists

Sug'Art® offers you a vast range of grain sizes, as well as a choice of products with or without coating for more freedom in your confections.

Cristalco skill -Relying on Cristalco’s global expertise, Sug'Art® brings you a wide range of products with or without colours, flavours or chocolate coating.

-Ready-to-use products to use any way you like.

-Plus, the technical properties of our products give you better melting stability.

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