SugarCare® - sugars for cosmetics

Sinful pleasure for cosmetics!

It’s natural, pure and filled with mechanical and chemical properties – sugar is a vital ingredient in many beauty products.

Sugar for your care 

  • Its extraordinary virtues are applied in the cosmetics industry… guilt-free!
  • An ode to care and beauty
  • Sugar’s qualities are sought-after and used in skincare, makeup, hair-care, beauty and personal-hygiene products.

A wide scope of uses

Sweetly and discreetly, sugar crops up everywhere in cosmetics. 
In granulated form, its scrubbing and exfoliating properties are amazing. We see it in skincare as well as bath products.

Wonderfully harmless to the skin, it is used as a soothing ingredient in cosmetic and hair-removal creams as well as makeup.

Its stickiness also makes it a good base for hair removers.

Lastly, sugar is a natural sweetener, perfect for making lipsticks, balms and glosses and mouth-hygiene products nicer to use.

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