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PharmaSugar® is an expert in Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals, and the benchmark when it comes to formulations with dry or liquid sugars as excipient.

PharmaSugar® meets all sorts of demands in the sectors of nutrition, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical outsourcing, and the manufacturing of medicines, parenteral solutions and excipients.

Any number of combinations

Our sugars can be used for any purpose, whether it’s tablets, granulation, powder mixtures, confectionary, suspension syrups, or parenteral solutions.

Sustainable support for your growth

  • By choosing PharmaSugar®, you benefit from the strength of the Cristalco group, which is synonymous with convenience and efficiency for your company.
  • This includes a wide range of grain sizes (with strict control of particle-size distribution), and plants dedicated to the PharmaSugar range (compliant with the requirements of French and European pharmaceutical regulations).

Be demanding! Our range is guaranteed without GMOs, and meets the numerous demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

- All our factories are ISO 90001, ISO 14001 and FSSC 22000 certified and registered with ANSM.

- Our sugars also comply with European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and IPEC Europe standards.

Exemplary traceability

Our sugar manufacturing is monitored by product batches, which guarantees total traceability from production to delivery.

Additional laboratory analyses (dextrins, endotoxins, etc.) can also be carried out at your request.

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