Daddy, les Essentiels

Everyday must-haves

Ordinary products that are out of the ordinary. The essentials will satisfy all your everyday sweet cravings. As the trusted allies of any self-respecting sweet tooth, they are really quite (extra)ordinary!

Caster sugar…

Ideal to sweeten yoghurt, add crunch to shortbread, put crystals in a cake or treat the children – Daddy caster sugar comes in all shapes to satisfy every sweet craving.

The advantages of granulated sugar

Its big grains specially designed to dissolve slowly makes granulated sugar the perfect ingredient for pie crusts or jams. 

Think smart!  

Our durable 750g caster sugar profile pack was designed to combine handiness and good spirit. The supple bag is transparent so you can see how much you use – a treat for the whole family. It’s so easy: unscrew the top, pour, and screw back. And the sugar’s quality is kept intact!

Sugar packed in sugar!

Daddy brings you the 1st 100% organic sugar box made of sugarcane. How green is that!

… and in portions

Ideal to sweeten your coffee or tea and brighten your day, a lot or just a bit – sugar portions are a must for your hot drinks throughout the day: in your standard 6g size, 4g cubes or 3g round half portions from Daddy only. 

The 750g pack of round half portions steals the show: perfectly round, perfectly white, perfectly good! Daddy half-portion sugar: a totally new sugar shape to sweeten your drinks without having to break a cube in half.

Want to know more?

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Cristalco+“Sugar packed in sugar.” A real innovation on supermarket shelves: Daddy brings you the 1st 100% organic sugar box, made from sugarcane. Pink is the new green!

Customers’ feedback

“It’s handy to see how much you’re pouring! The quality of the sugar stays intact and the packaging is very strong!”
“I say YES to the quality and especially the organic packaging. Daddy really knows best.”
“These little round portions are nice and handy. No more need to break a cube in half, and they come in a pretty pink box too!!”

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