Daddy, a pinch of spark in your life!

A pinch of spark in your life!

Daddy has successfully disrupted sugar shelves for the past 35 years: a brand that listens to its consumers, innovates, diverts and surprises with flair.

A  brand with an iconic pink colour code, creative and way out, and with a cheerful tone and personality entirely its own.

An activist for pleasure and good spirit, Daddy continues to assert its difference and its commitment to drive the market. 
Proud of its roots, Daddy now insists on the origin of its sugar, which comes from sugar beets grown in France by our cooperative farmers.

An answer to every need

  • Les Essentiels: must-have sugars for everyday use
  • Les Passionnés: creative experts
  • Les Distingués: amazing parties
  • Les Découvreurs: offbeat exotics
  • Les Nutritionnels Daddy: natural becomes irresistible!

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