Organic® Cane Sugars

Creatively organic

Our Organic® solution offers you a wide range of alcohols and sugars that are certified of organic origin, for a variety of uses that comply with current appellations and standards.

Organic® flavours and colours your products naturally, and offers you creative solutions for all your organic products.

Specially designed for dry or liquid mixtures, our range of organic cane sugars will be a match for all your needs, ideas and challenges!

The expert in organically delicious

Breads and pastries, beverages, intermediate formulations, dairy products, flavours, chocolates, jams, confectionary, sauces… whatever your requirements or sector, Organic will satisfy your search for a unique and mouth-watering taste. 


Go for variety!

With Organic, you can do whatever you like – your imagination’s the limit!
Intensify colours and flavours with whites and light browns, develop tastes and colours with our liquid organic sugars in translucent colours and browns, enhance your flavourings, drinks and croissants with our liquid invert sugar… Organic lets you do all that, and more!

The little Cristalco extraBesides offering you dry and liquid sugars from various origins, Organic also has a huge range of colours and grain sizes.

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