Soft & Crisp'® - sugars for texture

A unique taste experience!

Sugar and its derivatives play a key role in the structure of your end product: developing your dough, preserving the softness of your cakes, or optimising the freezing point of ice creams.

Soft & Crisp® gives you ideal solutions for all your breads, pastries, ice creams, fillings, chocolates, and more.

Go on! Surprise them!

The Soft & Crisp® range has 4 types of sugar designed for taste and imagination.
On your marks... create!

From granulated to superfine sugar

Thanks to its water-retention properties, sugar has the ability to reduce gluten moisture and influence the texture of the product.

Discover our wide variety of sugar grain sizes that enable you to choose exactly how soft or crispy you want your final product to be!

Invert sugars

Glucose and fructose are reducing sugars that capture moisture. They are also anti-crystallising agents that favour softness and preservation.

Discover our range of invert sugars and their numerous virtues, like lowering the freezing point of ice creams. Making your products creamier and more scoopable!


Trimoline® is definitely the best crystallised invert sugar for pastry chefs, bakers and chocolate makers. Its high solids content and creamy texture give you all the benefits of glucose and fructose (softness, preservation, anti-crystallisation…) in a small spoonful.

Sugar pearls

Put our sugar pearls in your dough for a crunchy surprise that will melt any resistance. Choose between big and small sizes, a vegetable fat coating to protect against heat – a host of possibilities to please any sweet tooth.

All the ingredients for success! 

Soft & Crisp’® offers you specially designed grain sizes to fit all your recipes, even the most inventive!
And to top it all, our range gives you specific inverting rates.

The little Cristalco extraSoft & Crisp'® gives you the guarantee of working with ultra-customised products with no nano-particles.

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