The natural alcohol for your gasoline

Specially designed to be blended with gasoline, the BioEthanol marketed by Cristalco is an anhydrous ethanol of pure agricultural origin that contains no more than 1% water.

Optimum quality for distributors...

By choosing Bioethanol, you are opting for a product meeting the EN15376 European quality standards in force, and certified by official and independent laboratories.

...whatever the purpose.

Exclusively designed to easily formulate ant type of fuel such as unleaded SP95 E10, SP 95, E 85 and unleaded SP98.

Successfull logistics

Cristalco provides different means of transport such as road tankers, waggons or full block trains ans sea barges. 

Our storage facilities enable us to meet all your requests throughout Europe.
We can also support you for customs procedures.

Friendly to the environment

Our Bioethanol offer was designed to preserve the environment.
It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 95% compared to a traditional fossil fuel.
What’s more, all our production plants are 2BSvs, ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 50001 (Energy) certified.

Cristalco’s smart pointsOur Bioethanol is guaranteed sustainable (dedicated analyses and sustainability certificate). 
Partly produced from wine and starch sediments.

Contact the Bioethanol Manager

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